Portage Municipal Airport (C47)

Airport Master Plan Study – Phase 1 

Portage Municipal Airport (C47)

Airport Master Plan Study – Phase 1 



Welcome to the website for the Airport Master Plan study of the Portage Municipal Airport (C47). This site will be updated with current study information, including opportunities to participate in the planning process.

Airport Master Planning

An Airport Master Plan study analyzes the airport’s environment, identifies aviation demand, reviews development options, evaluates potential impacts, and creates a “roadmap” that will guide future airport improvements. Understanding current issues and identifying future opportunities will help the airport meet the needs of the community.

Local Considerations

The Portage Municipal Airport is constrained by the natural and man-made environment. An updated airport master plan is needed to review the viability of the existing airport site to meet aviation demand in the Portage area. The goal is to allow the City to make an informed decision on future investment at the airport.

Key study objectives include:

  • Identify aviation demand and airport facility needs in the Portage area  

  • Document airport design standard deficiencies

  • Review feasibility of meeting facility needs on the existing airport site

  • Engage local stakeholders throughout the study

  • Develop a decision-making document on the future of the airport

  • Identify a realistic action plan moving forward

Funding & Schedule

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Wisconsin Department of Transportation – Bureau of Aeronautics (BOA), and the City of Portage are funding this study.

The study began in October 2018. A draft airport master plan study is scheduled to be completed by March 2021.

Public Engagement

The City of Portage encourages stakeholder engagement throughout this study. A diverse Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been established to provide ongoing feedback to the city. 

This project website is a resource for the community to stay informed. You can also participate in this study by participating in an open house meeting, submitting a public comment, or by contacting us with questions.


Open House #1 (11/14/18)

Technical Advisory Committee #1 (2/13/19)

Technical Advisory Committee #2 (5/15/19)

Technical Advisory Committee #3 (11/13/19)

City Council Presentation (8/13/20)

Open House #2 (9/29/20)

Technical Advisory Committee #4 (10/28/20)

City Council Presentation (1/28/21)


Airport Surveys

Surveys completed


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City of Portage
Aaron Jahncke, PE
Public Works Director/City Engineer


Wisconsin DOT – Bureau of Aeronautics
Lucas Ward, PE
Airport Development Engineer


TKDA (Project Consultant)
Marcus Watson
Group Manager Aviation Planning

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